You can send text message commands in telephone number (+354) 611 2000:

  • Get your PIN: Type PIN space and the last 8 digits of the card number.
    E.g.: PIN 00123412
  • Card-to-Card transfer by using the receivers card number. Click DEILA (last 4 digits in your card number) (Receivers card number) (Amount)  E.g: 1234 00447974171234 1000
  • Check your iKort balance: If you want to access information about the balance on your iKort type STADA and the last 4 digits of the card number. E.g: STADA 1234
  • Block the iKort: Type LOKA (Last 4 digits in the cardnumber).
    E.g: LOKA 1234
  • Reopen the iKort: Type OPNA (Last 4 digits of the card number).
    E.g.: OPNA 1234
  • To get Help: Type HJALP  and you will receive help.